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    Lunch time: 12:00 ~ 13:00

Campus map

Campus map
1.College of Humanities and Social Sciences 2.NIX (Next Innovation Xroad) 3.College of Engineering 4.Institute of Technology Innovation 5.Engineering Building 1
6.Engineering Building 2 7.Engineering Building 3 8.ACE Training Center 9.Engineering Building 4 10.College of Architecture
11.College of Arts and Design 12.International College 13.Administration Building 14.Student Center 15.College of Physical Education
16.Main Library 17.College of Life Sciences 18.College of Law and Political Sciences 19.College of Information and communication technology Convergence 20.Belcanto Art Center
21.Outdoor Music Hall 22.College of Music 23.College of Convergence Culture and Arts (Amaranth Hall) 24.Dormitory 25.College of Management