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Major Events

- Schedule will be announced later as the specific dates depend on the academic calendar.

- Anyone may join the SUBA Mentoring Program

  • International Student Workshop (MT)
  • - Every semester, workshops are conducted to promote familiarity and genial relationships between international and Korean students as well as to create synergy in future SUBA activities.

  • Cultural Experience (Everland, Folk Village)
  • - Visits to Korea’s famous theme parks, such as Folk Village and Everland, are conducted so international students can have other means of exposure to local culture.

  • Korean Speech Contest/Entertainment Contest
  • - To motivate international students to learn Korean, speech and entertainment contests are held every semester. Winners receive gift prizes and prize money. Although some international students do not participate in these contests, they still experience the event indirectly through other students’ presentations.

  • Cheonma Festival
  • - Booths are provided so international students can experience the culture of festivals in Korean universities. This event also provides opportunities to experience various food cultures.

  • Halloween Party
  • - Through the celebration of a world-class Halloween festival, friendship between Korean and international students is further cultivated.

  • Spring/Autumn Sports Festival
  • - Sports competitions are held in gymnasiums and sports field as these activities promote friendship and uphold unity and bond between international and Korean students.

  • International Student Alumni Association
  • - A network is established among international students by sharing information about employment and academic work between seniors and juniors.