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Insurance/Student ID

1. Insurance for International Students

All international students are required to get a medical insurance while attending The University of Suwon. Three types of insurance are available for students to choose from: one is which the students have already purchased in their home country (this insurance should cover also medical benefits in Korea); another one is the National Health Insurance; and finally, the international student’s insurance provided by a local insurance company.

  • National Health Insurance
  • This insurance provides similar coverage of benefits (as those given to Koreans) to foreigners who have been staying in Korea for more than one year.

    -Application for subscription: Inquiries to the National Health Insurance Service (1577-1000,

    - If you need information in a foreign language, the Seoul Global Center also provides information. (02-2075-4180,

    - The quotation for the medical insurance: Applied from the date of alien registration

    - Insurance will only cover 70% of the cost when one is hospitalized (~30% in clinics, 40% in hospitals, 60% in general hospitals)

  • International student’s insurance from a domestic insurance company
  • This insurance for international students covers medical expenses (hospital expenses, medication expenses, and so on.). Since the contract is made every six months, you must renew and re-register before the insurance expires. The University of Suwon uses the International Student Insurance Service of Dongbu Insurance.

    - Insurance period: 6 months (per semester)

    - Insurance: 60,000 KRW. (Included in the tuition fee.)

    ※ There are exemptions to receive compensation depending on the type of disease.
    ※ If you have not purchased any specific insurance, you must review the insurance contract and submit immediately to the person in charge.

    - Insurance claim procedure : Full payment of medical fees after visiting hospitals and pharmacies → Visit the Office of International Cooperation (ICT Convergence College No. 121) with the required documents → Deposit insurance premiums by bankbook after request

    - Documents required for insurance claim : Common(bankbook, alien registration card), In case of outpatient treatment('Initial chart or medical certificate', 'medical bill and receipt', 'prescription medicine bills and receipt' with disease name), Inpatient treatment(initial chart, medical certificate, bill and receipt of medical expenses, and medical emergency tax statement)

    ※ In some cases, the insurance company may request additional documents.

2. Apply for Student ID/Bank

    Student ID cards can be obtain by following either of the methods below.

  • 1) Apply for a student ID check card through the Shinhan Bank mobile app (Sol-SOL) (recommended)
  • - Applying through the app is more convenient as you no longer have to visit Shinhan Bank-Suwon University branch.

  • 2) Apply by logging in Shinhan Bank website, and then visiting the Shinhan Bank-Suwon University branch
  • ※ For detailed instructions, please refer to the manual.

    ※ Notes on photos

    - Use JPG file extension

    - Photo size

       . Mobile app usage: 100 pixels or more in width, 2.5 MB or less

       . Homepage usage: 216 pixels wide and 288 pixels high or more, and the file size less than 100 KB

       . Submitting an incorrect size of photo invalidates the process.

       (Celebrity photos (infringement of copyright), photos that cannot be identified, sticker photos, photos that do not meet standards)

    ※ Inquiries: Shinhan Bank-Suwon University Branch (Student Hall 1st floor) 031-222-8631

  • International Student ID Issuance Center
  • The Office of the Student Affairs at the University issues to international students ID cards which are certified by UNESCO. Such ID cards are created to support the cultivation of future-oriented human resources who will promote the international experience of students.

    - Eligibility for Application: undergraduates and enrolled graduate students and students taking a leave of absence

    - How to apply: Log in to the portal system → Click on the collection of on-campus websites in the upper right → Click on external sites → Click on International Student ID Issuance Guide → Click on Apply for International Student ID → After completing the application form, click [Apply] → visit Shinhan Bank on campus with your ID card and issuance fee

    - Period/Location: Issued immediately, Shinhan Bank branch on the 1st floor of the Student Center

    - Various benefits: Discounts on international check cards, currency exchange preferential services, international calling cards, airline tickets, transportation, museums, etc.

    - Other inquiries: Student Support Office (031-220-2414), Korea International Student Exchange Association (02-733-9393)