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Application for leave of absence and return to school

  • Where to apply:
  • - Submit application directly to the International Affairs Office. (After consulting the International Affairs Office, submit your application for leave or return to school within the given period)

  • Application Procedure:
  • - Fill out the application form posted on the University of Suwon homepage, and submit to your Department after receiving confirmation from the International Affairs Office.

  • Application Period for General Leave of Absence:
  • - During summer and winter vacation, applications can be done within a given period indicated in the announcement (applications outside the set period are still accepted.)
    - Online leave of absence or visit application → Refer to the notice on the University of Suwon website during vacation
    - However, in terms of filing for sick leave, applications should be submitted together with a medical certificate (which should indicate you had been sick for 4 weeks or more). Application should be submitted no later than 11th week of the semester (applications outside the specified period are not allowed)

    ※ Notice:
    1. When taking a leave of absence, foreign students must return to their home country within 15 days from the date of their application for leave of absence regardless of their visa expiration date. The list of foreign students on leave of absence is immediately reported to the immigration office. If you stay in Korea for 15 days or more after you have filed your application for leave of absence, you will be penalized for illegal staying.
    2. When returning to school, you must reapply for a visa in your home country. To simplify the application process, please apply for a leave of absence after paying the tuition.