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Undergraduate Admissions

1. University Admission Requirements

During their first year after admission, the undergraduate students study at the International College where they learn Korean language and culture and enroll in required subjects. From second year, they choose their program of study and move to their respective colleges.

Prospective students must submit application documents (refer to the list below) to the Office of Admissions and attend an interview. Depending on the results of the interview, one can be awarded a scholarship in the form of a 20% to 50% discount on tuition fees for the first semester. The scholarship can be renewed for each subsequent semester depending on the candidate’s grades.

No Freshman Transfer Student Documents Contents
1 O O Application form ▪USW form (Click to download)
▪3 photos (one on the application form) (for foreigners residing in Korea, submit a photo taken within the last 6 months that is different from the one on the alien registration card)
2 O O Certificate of eligibility for admission for foreigners
3 O O Student registration inquiry agreement
4 O O Consent to collection, use, and provision of personal information
5 O O Study plan
6 O 3 passport size photos (white background)
7 O O Copies of elementary and middle school diplomas ▪Refer to the notes below
▪In case of transfer admission, transcript must be translated into Korean.
8 O O A certified high school diploma and transcripts (all grades)
9 O O Transcripts and diploma from previous institution (all grades)
10 O O Certificate of Education (Chinese applicants only)
11 O O Passport, Alien Registration card, ID card (copy) ▪Notarized translation required
▪For students who personally do not own assets of &20,000 USD, but whose parents do. In such cases, certificates of employment and salary payment of the parents must be verified.
12 O O Parents’ passport copies, ID card copies
13 O O Family relation certificate, birth certificate (certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
14 O O Documents proving parents' financial ability (consult with our school)
15 O O A financial or bank statement under the applicant’s name ▪Must show a current balance of at least &20,000USD
▪Mandatory deposit through overseas remittance (parent)
16 O O A certificate of the facts concerning the entry and exit ▪For foreigners residing in Korea only
17 O O (*English Track: IELTS score > 5.5 OR TOEFL score >80
*Korean Track: TOPIK Level 4 or above.)
▪Refer to the application guidelines
18 O O Korean course completion certificate from Korean language institutes in Korea
19 O O Attendance records and transcript from Korean language institutes in Korea

  • * Notice
  • 1. 1. International students (Freshmen) and transferees (except Chinese students) must submit either 1) or 2):

       1) Apostilled diploma or degree certificates

       2) Documents proving academic achievements which have been confirmed by the Korean Consulate located in your country or your country's embassy located in South Korea

         - If the documents are from a country that is a member of the Apostille Convention, please attach the apostille confirmation received from an appropriate office.

    2. Freshmen and transferees from China

       1) For graduates of general high schools, submit ① or ②: /p>

         ① Graduation certificate verified by the China Credentials Verification

         ② Graduation certificate verified by the China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Information

       2) For graduates of vocational high schools, submit ① or ②

         ① Graduation certificate issued by the school. This should be verified by the Provincial Office of Education and by the Consulate General/Embassy of the Republic of Korea in China.

         ② Graduation certificate issued by the Education Office of the Province. This should be verified by the Provincial Office of Education and by the Consulate General/Embassy of the Republic of Korea in China.

           A. Original documents should be submitted by all applicants (except the documents specified as acceptable for submitting scanned copies)

           B. For Chinese applicants, submit the Certificate of Family Relations:

             - For Chinese applicants, submit the Certificate of Family Relations

             - Submit a copy of the Household Certificate and a verified Certificate of Family Relation translated in English or Korean in case the applicant and the parents are not on the same copy of the Household Certificate.

           C. Submit a copy of Certificate of Divorce when the applicant’s parents are divorced; a copy of Certificate of Death when the applicant’s parents are deceased.

           D. A bank statement issued within 30 days before the applicant submits the application.

       ※ Send the scanned copies of the documents to for the first round of document examination.

2. Major

College Major
College of Humanities and Social Sciences Major in Korean Language & Literature, Major in History, Major in English Language & Literature, Major in Russian Language & Literature (Area Studies), Major in Japanese Language & Literature, Major in Chinese Language & Literature, Major in Law, Major in Public Administration, Department of Fire Service Administration
College of Economics & Business Administration Major in Economics & Finance, Major in International Development Cooperation, Major in Business Administration, Major in Accounting, Major in Global Business, Major in Hotel Management, Major in Restaurant Management, Major in Tourism Management
College of Engineering Major in Biotechnology & Biomarketing, Major in Chemistry, Major in Civil & Environmental Engineering, Major in Environmental & Energy Engineering, Major in Architecture, Major in Urban Planning & Real Estate Development, Major in Industrial Engineering, Major in Mechanical Engineering, Major in Electronic Materials Engineering, Major in Electrical Engineering, Major in Electronic Engineering, Major in Polymer Engineering, Major in Chemical Engineering
College of Information and Communication Technology Convergence Major in Computer SW, Major in Media SW, Major in Information & Telecommunications, Major in Information Security, Major in Data Science
College of Health Science Department of Child & Family Welfare, Department of Clothing & Textiles, Department of Food & Nutrition, Major in Physical Education, Major in Sport & Leisure Studies, Major in Exercise & Health Management
College of Art and Design (Painting, Sculpture, Communication Design, Fashion Design, Craft Design
College of Music Department of Composition, Department of Voice, Department of Piano, Department of Orchestral Instruments, Department of Korean Traditional Music
College of Convergence Culture Arts Major in Film & Digital Arts, Major in Theatre, Major in Culture & Contents Technology
International College Interdisciplinary Studies, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Besides a degree in interdisciplinary studies, students at the International College may also pursue the English-medium Bachelor of Arts in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. In this program, students receive a practical education wherein they develop their own business or business plan.

Over the course of four years, students will be equipped with the skills needed to meet the challenge of being a global entrepreneur head-on. Upon completion of the degree, they will have acquired critical thinking and communication skills, as well as decision-making approaches that are necessary in innovation. Whether the students remain in Korea or go back to their home country, they will have the skill set necessary to make an impact.

3. Admission for Undergraduates and tuition fee

  • Application Fee: ₩100, 000
  • Fee per semester: ₩3,094, 000
  • * Fee may vary by major.

    * Medical Insurance is included to the tuition fee.

    * All costs in the above are subject to change without prior notice.

  • Document submission period
  • - 1st: 2020.12.02 ~ 2020.12.18 (Result: 2020.12.28)

    - 2nd: 2021.01.11 ~ 2020.01.28 (Result: 2021.02.05)