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SUBA stands for "University of Suwon Buddy Assistant", which is a one-to-one mentor and mentee for foreign students and exchange students who enrolls in the school every semester. It provides practical help for foreign students living in Korea, It is a program that provides opportunities for exchange of culture between Suwon university students and foreign students. Even if you do not have a lot of foreign language skills, you can become a member of SUBA if you are a student who sincerely likes foreign students, and who is willing to help them with your sincerity and want to exchange culture with foreign students. In addition, you will be awarded 2 credits of service credits if you do SUBA, and you can get a certificate if you have done SUBA activities. If you want to learn a foreign culture or want to interact with foreign friends, become a member of SUBA!

  • Eligibility
  • • International students who are interested in making friends with Korean students

    • International students who can devote their time to the program

  • Major Activities
  • • Participation in international partnership events with your foreign mentee (orientation, M.T., athletic events, Korean Speech Contest, entertainment events)

    • Information on the issuance of student ID card, the use of the University Portal System, and school campus (facilities around the campus and college offices, and so on)

    • Helping visitation of Immigration Office (Alien registration and issuance of alien registration certificate

    • Guidance of phone activation and internet use

    • Helping to create bank account

    • Information on convenience facilities (public transportation, transportation cards, major attractions such as hospitals, restaurants, and marts

    • Activities outside of Suwon University (Gyeongbokgung tour, Everland Folk Village

    • Language exchange (enhancement of Korean language ability

    • Union of mentors and mentees through small group activities

  • Obligations
  • • Submit a final report

    • Attend the first orientation where you meet your “buddy”

    • Attend Korean language class more than 5 times.

    • • Participate in SUBA big events more than 3 times (MT, festival, athletic events, party, culture day, speech contest, entertainment events, etc.)

      * * Big events can change every semester.

    • Attend small group meetings

    • A separate activity fee may not be included in the group event fee.

  • Application Timeline
  • During the summer and winter vacations

  • How to apply
  • Visit the Office of International Affairs to apply

  • Major Events of SUBA
  • International Student Workshop (MT), Cultural Experience (Everland, Folk Village), Korean Speech Contest/Entertainment Contest, Cheonma Festival, Halloween Party, Spring/Autumn Sports Festival, International Student Alumni Association

2. Mentor/Mentee Program

This program provides language assistance to international students from Korean students. Mentors and mentees are conducting language exchange activities and sharing assistance in academics. After completing the required amount of service hours, students receive both the credits for voluntary work and a certificate. This program runs every semester, and students who want to do it again are welcome.

This program runs every semester, and students who want to do it again are welcome.

Mentor refers to the Korean students studying in the university

- Mentor refers to the Korean students studying in the university

- Application period: Please check the announcement on the school website(

- How to apply: Visit the Office of International Affairs to apply