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Technical Equipment to Support Startups

Idea Factory 1, 2

Students gather here to brainstorm and approve new ideas for startups. These meetings help develop the entrepreneur’s innovative thinking and abilities. This is the place where The USW provides an opportunity to declare its own startup support policies.

Startup Lab

The laboratory provides space for those who want to start a business and get prepared for it.

Double Scan Laboratory (Data Science)

It gathers results of big data search and analyzes many companies that have a business agreement with DS & ML centers. For this purpose, the DS Lab is dedicated for the Student Research Institute.

Machine Startup Laboratory (ML)

This place was created for analyzing data provided by The University of Suwon and companies using high-performance workstations, as well as testing new algorithms developed in the DSL. This is a comprehensive space for machine learning and research.

C2S - Content Creation Studio

This is a space for the development of the “Internet of Things”, cloud services, big data services, scientific and technological services, games, and digital media. The space is designed in the form of a cell. It is equipped with a large number of individual creative spaces to support venture companies, which are created by teams of student-entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial centers. It likewise enables the conduct of active research and development, as well as industry-specific academic internship programs.

Creation Studio

This studio is responsible for training the entrepreneurship support group in the production of prototype programs. It has generated a fund to actively support the activities of startup companies to create prototypes.